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Props for Me

It’s the second week of school holidays and I have no day care this week. A few weeks back due to how under the weather I was, this would have been my worst nightmare (as you may have picked up from what I wrote at the time). But it’s just

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Husbands… lol…

I feel I’m about to say something a bit controversial here, but I also think I cannot be the only one who feels it. Babies are so much easier than husbands. Not that kids are easy in general by the way, just easi-ER. The role I play in raising my

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Stupid Anxious Brain

Yesterday I sat down to write something that was quite representative of my optimistic side. Which frankly is the side of myself I present to people most often and is the one I work best with. It helps me cope with this big old scary, beautiful, intense world (we’ve all

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For the Love of Mothers

I saw an article the other day online written by a woman who felt that she did not belong in a Mothers Group when she first became a parent and as such ditched them at a pretty early opportunity. Now, I don’t have anything against that in principle- everyone has

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A Little Message from a SAHM

About two years ago, I attended a program offered by my local council called ‘Baby Makes Three’. It was held at a community centre after hours so new parents could attend (including the working parent which was by and large the Dads in this case) with their new babies. They

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