Month: September 2018

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As Big As You Are

Women are so amazing. Have I mentioned that before? I’ve had a week spent listening to and talking with some truly magnificent women and it’s just been freaking inspiring. And it’s made me think a bit about how we as women try to make ourselves smaller in so many ways.

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Making a Little List

It’s been a pretty full on week. First I ate that bad burger and it a little bit wrote off the weekend. It also meant I was pretty wrecked from the get go. During and following that episode I’ve had a tantrum-happy toddler with the sniffles who’s not keen to

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I Get a Little Bit Closer…

I feel like I need to very quickly qualify something from my previous little article. I said in it that I found parenting manageable. Now, I said that because I have some background knowledge in child development and am a second-time around parent this time. So what I meant to

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Husbands… lol…

I feel I’m about to say something a bit controversial here, but I also think I cannot be the only one who feels it. Babies are so much easier than husbands. Not that kids are easy in general by the way, just easi-ER. The role I play in raising my

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