Month: August 2018

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Burn Out, Guilt and Eating the Damn Ice Cream

I’m a bit tired of reading about how to fix ‘Mummy Burn Out’ lately. And I’ll tell you why. It’s because I’m burnt out. And although I appreciate the well-meaning suggestions of those writers, there’s simply not enough ice cream or cups of tea in a quiet room to sort

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Build Them Up

I recently watched a stand-up comedy special by Chris Rock on Netflix in which he said that parents need to stop telling their children that they are special. It was so worth watching. And I really do see his point and what he means from his own world-view. Certainly it’s

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Stupid Anxious Brain

Yesterday I sat down to write something that was quite representative of my optimistic side. Which frankly is the side of myself I present to people most often and is the one I work best with. It helps me cope with this big old scary, beautiful, intense world (we’ve all

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